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    【Kyou Hana + Others】HONEY【Japanese Cover】


    【Kyou Hana + Others】HONEY【Japanese Cover】 Empty 【Kyou Hana + Others】HONEY【Japanese Cover】

    Post by Guest Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:23 am

    ...So many people wanted this.
    This was insanely easy to make. I don't know why nobody's made it before.

    There's no karaoke in existence so I used vocal remove. Since it forced the "honey honey" stuff and the harmonies to stay, I didn't bother putting them in the ust.

    The singers are, in order: Kyou Hana, Baak Yatchou/Kaneyama Shou, Kanochi Neko/Kanne Bikuta, Makune Hachi, Kikyuune Aiko, and Vista.

    Download UST mediafire.com download.php?34bu8bjnalq343i The UST is confusing as hell. Read the readme.

    Bad drawing is bad.

    I will upload to Nico later.

    Well, now that this is done - back to NaNoWriMo! *poof*

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