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    UTAU Information
    UTAUloid or Project: 南ミチ
    Blog/Website: http://michi-isolde.blogspot.com
    Status: Act 1

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    Post by ismichi on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:46 am

    Name: 南ミチ(みなみミチ; Michi Minami)
    Voice Actor: Isolde Michi
    UTAU Project/Group: N/A (for now?)
    WIP or Complete? Act 1? XD
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: 19-years-olde; Debuted on 02 April 2010
    Height: 147cm, 4’10”
    Weight: 123lbs.
    Character Item: Pipe Wrench.
    Relationships: N/A… for now?? XP

    Brief Physical Description: Waist-length lilac hair with bangs that lean more-so to her right. She has relatively pale skin (Caucasian) and ice-blue eyes, which are rather large. Overall, she is semi-flat-chested (has boobs, but not really) and has a baby face (not baby fat). She enjoys wearing semi-conservative clothing, specifically one-pieces (dress).

    Personality: Mostly just weird, socially awkward (NOT anti-social!), quiet, shy, dubious, irksome (to those that are annoyed by a quiet chic who takes practically no chances), dependent and neutral (about most things).

    History: Created as a toy for children, she became “junk”, when her owners realized that she failed with kids. She was exploring the junk yard, when she came across a radio. Its batteries had yet died, so it worked. Much to MICHI’s merriment, she heard musick. She became inspired to sing, so she has been doing as such.
    Much to everyone-else’s merriment, she no longer lives in a junk yard. She, somehow, managed to live in a homeless shelter. Though, that just means that she is outside the majority of the day.

    Voicebank Link: mediafire.com ?zgmznqjyz33 (If you want a different download site, I will add alternative links.)
    Wikia Entry Link: (I’m saving this for the last thing to do~)

    Voice Samples

    (Yes, I know it is awkward. And, sorry, for the fail.)

    Character Art
    i南ミチ - MICHI Minami MICHI_Minami_Cocept_Art__UTAU__by_ismichi
    i南ミチ - MICHI Minami MICHI_Mianami_Official_Art_by_ismichi

    P.S.: Her name… I just wanted a name with a meaning, but without dealing with finding the romaji-version of “Isolde”, which was the original ‘surname’ for her, or any romaji-version of any Western surname in general. If you find any issue with the usage, please tell me, so that I can fix it. Also, her given-name is basically my name (Michelle -> Michiru -> Michi; it really is my name, just with Japanese pronunciation)… just ‘cause I wanted to use my voice and such. XD
    (I chose Minami--南--since I live in one of the US’s southern states… although, barely even those that live in it believe it’s a southern state.)

    P.S.S.: http://michi-isolde.blogspot.com/

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