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    "Can't I Even Dream" UST/VSQ


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    "Can't I Even Dream" UST/VSQ Empty "Can't I Even Dream" UST/VSQ

    Post by UTAUfamily Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:55 pm

    Like a Star @ heaven This is slightly "old" Since I have the first half of the song finished (not editting though). But I am been working on it ^^ Like a Star @ heaven

    =Slightly other things=
    I missed getting to do BPM. XD (you did an awesome cover though ArtemiSayuri)

    HOWEVER! I claim NEL! I have to sing it but I have a cold and I can't sing since my throat is scracthy (its funny to listen to me try though XD; ) Just PLEASE let me do this one? DX

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