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    Senritsu Azuri Empty Senritsu Azuri

    Post by digikari on Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:01 am

    Name: Azuri Senritsu
    Voicer: digikari (me lol)
    UTAU Project/Group:Zodiac UTAUs
    WIP or Complete?Complete (for now)
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: 13 / Debut 7/4/09
    Height: 150cm (4'11")
    Weight:44kg (97lbs)
    Character Item:
    Kagamine Rin - idol
    Senritsu Azu - younger twin brother

    Brief Physical Description:Average height and body size for her age. She has light grayish-blue hair that is shoulder-length long.

    Personality:Kind-hearted but a bit of a shut-in. She can be a bit air-headed/naive since she does not socialize much. She's also very curious about things so she may ask many questions.

    History/Backstory:Azuri lives an ordinary life. Since she is very unsocial she has no friends. Though she seems like the loner type she wanted to make friends and decided to join the singing community.

    Name: Azu Senritsu
    Voicer: digikari (genderbent g+25)
    UTAU Project/Group: N/A
    WIP or Complete? N/A
    Age and/or Debut Date:13 (younger twin) / No debut yet
    Height:152cm (5'0")
    Character Item:
    Senritsu Azuri - older twin sister
    Kasane Teto - enemy

    Brief Physical Description:He's a bit short for his age with a slim body. Usually always has a serious expression.
    Personality:He's a tsundere. He also has a bad temper.
    History/Backstory:Ever since he was little he disliked girls (except for his sister) since they always teased him about his short height. Since Azuri wanted him to get along with others he decided to join the singing community with Azuri.

    Voicebank download.php?vfwmmmtkznl

    Wikia Entry Link:

    Voice Samples

    (I haven't posted any videos of Azu yet)

    Character Art
    Senritsu Azuri Azuri-color_copy

    (haven't finished Azu's concept art >_< )

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