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    Psychopath Empty Psychopath

    Post by extremeclay Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:39 am

    This roleplay is based off of the song "Pschopath" by Megurine Luka, illustrated by MELOA/carbon.

    This roleplay is set in England, during the Victorian era. In this modified version of the Victorian time, the church is comprised entirely of government officials, which means they have hold over both the church and the government. The ruling church is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. At this time, the church is very corrupt. They kill people who don't believe in their faith, torture those who disobey the law, or other, much more horrible things. No one goes against the churches orders. No one. (I'm not judging beliefs, or discriminating against anyone's thought. I, myself, am Christian)

    The "Psychopaths" are people who have different opinions, thoughts, or such else than the norm. They go against the churches beliefs and against the governments cruelty. Supporters simply call the "rebels", while the government has labeled them "Psychopaths", making unknowing people fear them, and bounty hunters hunt them.
    Some of these rebels might actually be insane, but ony a few. As they sometimes find them saying repeatedly: "Insanity whispered pleasures to me."(Note: If you decide your character is insane, make sure they slowly slip into it. My character will be the first character to really slip into insanity. Other characters may follow slowly)
    Rebels meet in secret locations set by the leader. Their objective is anarchy. Overthrow the Pope, destroy the government.

    *Follow the Roleplay basic rules, specified in the rules thread.
    **Relationships, love, and the such is alright, and actually encouraged. This builds relationships between characters and their creators.
    ***There might be a bit of horror in this RP, since this is about a bunch of "Psychopaths", so please be weary.
    ****The RP will start as soon as enough people have joined.
    *****The max amount of characters a person can have is 3. Do not use other peoples UTAU if they are going to join this. If you started using there UTAU, and they join, you will be asked to relinquish the character to them.

    Character Sheet

    [table border="1"]
    [td][b]Character:[/b](insert here)[/td]
    [td][b]Image:[/b](Add an image of them, or describe them)[/td]
    [td][b]Personality/History:[/b](insert here)[/td]
    [td][b]Class:[/b](Are they a high-ranking officer, Government official, or Pesent?)[/td]
    [td][b]Side:[/b](Neutral, Rebel (psychopath), Government, Hunter, ect...)[/td]

    My Characters:

    Character:Hahenko Kenboushou
    Image:Psychopath Hahenkovictorian
    Personality/History:Hahenko is a 16-year-old noble, born into a high-class family. At a very young age, her sister died, and her over-protective mother kept her only living child away from everyone else, in a giant, orange-rose mansion on top of a hill. This exclusion of human interaction has made her withdrawn and questioning. She became very much more quiet and a bit unsteady. To occupy herself, she read-up on history in the great library of her mansion. Through this, she started to question things in her small world, and even in the outer worlds society. Thus, she soon met Taisei on a rare trip outside.

    Character:Taisei Ippan
    Image:(Coming soon)
    Personality/History:Taisei is a 17-year-old artists son. His Family isn's very rich, but does have provenance in the working class, his Father known for his unique style of water-color blending, and he, himself, known for strange, but beautiful oil paintings. His Mother die when he was 12. Her last words to him were: "The world isn't right. Fix it for me..." Thus, he set out to create a strong group of rebels. While running from the guards one day on the streets, Taisei stumbled into Hahenko Kenboushou, a noble family member. She helped hide him from the guards, and was soon sucked into his group by him.

    Let's have fun~
    어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi)
    어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi)

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    Psychopath Empty Re: Psychopath

    Post by 어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi) Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:23 pm

    Character:Bade Nal
    Psychopath 2e64xgm
    Dont go too gaga over him XDD
    Personality/History:His personality is mainly a ladies man when hes not protecting Arissa. he can be very serious or fun loving depending on the situation. He is a DNA experimented Human to gain strength aside from his powers from his ancestors. At the age of 19 his aging was slowed to match that of his charge,arissa,He was hired to raise and protect her and that is what he does. though she runs of or beats on him some times He is loyal to the job he was given six years ago.
    Class:High ranking Official{left with arissa}
    Side: Rebel

    Character:Arissa Roth
    Psychopath 3590193

    Personality/History:{Its long and told from her point of view} Well I guess humans what little are left in my time call me a test tube child. I was made by a scientist in Greece, Im not sure where I was never told,My Mother, well I have two. Rachael Roth,know in her time as Raven, And Nura Nal,she was known as Dreamer she died recently in an accident not sure what happened i just know shes dead. The two's DNA was mixed into a fertilized human egg and i was grown from there I know my creator is human hes the only one ive ever met that is full human. His Companion is a mix of the princess Starfire and the changling Beast Boy though she looks more like starfire with beast boy's emotions,Shes the one who has taught me what it is to be a "normal girl",Up until a year ago my creator taught me everything i need to know about humans and the others that inhabit earth.Now im being sent to a high school that most teen hmm... how to put it? heros I guess. a few humans are there I was given the alias Arissa so i could be a "normal" child I was also given contacts that I got to choose the color raven had when you saw her eyes at least. When i was 16 I was given a younger brother. Adain Roth. He was mixed like me. and like me his age was sped up he is 16.Soon after our creator was attacked and I attacked the one who harmed him but... letting those emotions through Trigon came through me using me as a protal into this human realm. all i remeber after is the blood on my hands and bade holding me...
    We now live in Kyoto well i do. Bade is with our creator caring for him.
    I still wonder if Adian is okay... I miss him..

    The part she doesnt know.

    She attacked and killed many people though not remembering she attacked her younger brother there was no way of knowing it was Arissa at the time she was so transformed due to trigon's influence. I,Bade Nal, was able to save her brother i sent him to my home in Tokyo, Japan with my family to be taken care of... and til this day Arissa Searches for her brother worrying if he is alive or not after the incedent. I can not tell her hes alive just yet I must make sure trigon cannot pass through her again make sure she is stable with her new powers. but i fear he will look for her before the time has come.
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    Psychopath Empty Re: Psychopath

    Post by Rayshia Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:05 am

    Character:復讐音 イマザ Fukushyune Imaza
    Image:(Picture coming soon) Dark green jacket with yellow accents and buttons, as well as grey 'fur' lining the top of the hoodie. Short T-shirt-esque sleeves, and black mechanics gloves with leather straps around the wrists. He wears bandages udner his gloves, a bandage on the bridge of his nose, and some bandages on the left side of his jaw to conceal his model number. He wears cargo pants with many straps and pockets, and wwith a greasy cloth hanging out one of the pockets. He wears glasses, and has dark green eyes. Hair color is light brown-grey.
    Personality/History: Without going into the complications of his modes and such, Imaza is generally eccentric with his belongings, and somewhat socially awkward. He is tactless most of the time, and insulting, as well as almost always rushing to do something, even when there is nothing to do. He will never ever compliment someone except himself unless he really completely adores that person or there is something wrong with him. (E.g. Severe intoxication, head trauma, depression) He will be even less likely to ever thank you, show manners to you or, heaven forbid, apologize to you. Sometimes, he can be obsessive with projects or tasks, and focus all his attention on him, not sleeping or eating or going to the bathroom for up to 5 days on end. He is not antisocial or emo, but people usually don't like him, so he simply makes the feeling mutual. He is not bloodthirsty, or heartless. Rather, he is indifferent, and honestly doesn't want to take sides or hurt people, but it's just that he's good at hunting down people and killing or capturing them. His "Revenge Mode" is perfect for that. Sometimes, this bounty hunter can get lonely, but he hates showing weakness or vulnerability of any sort to others, so he'll hide it. He can also be rather bad-tempered at times.

    In his "Revenge Mode", he will become sadistic and cruel.If you are his victim, Imaza will use any means to make sure you suffer, as long as he doesn't get caught. He will be smooth and slick, gaining your trust, before trapping you. He will often bring his victims to a decrepit, abandoned place where he can keep them trapped there and no-one can hear their screams. Once you're trapped there, he will proceed to mentally and verbally abuse you, sometimes even physically as well. He will wither away at your metal state, though not too much, as he wants to hear your screams and begging, so sometimes he will give you a bit of hope, before crushing in right in front of you.


    His origins are unknown, and he actually used to be a sweep boy, with an odd fascination with mechanics. That is, until one day a fellow sweep decided to start picking on him. Imaza is not, and never has been physically strong. So naturally, he was beat up by that guy. However, after licking his wounds, Imaza seemed to have entered "Revenge Mode". The authorities never did figure out who brutally murdered that boy in that desolate shack in the slums. The corpse's eyes had been gouged out, and his intestines had been dragged out, with several of his limbs dismembered.

    Since then, Imaza trained to become a bounty hunter under a mentor who noticed his potential, before finally becoming a full hunter. Now he works for whoever will pay him. He doesn't enjoy the job (most of the time), but he's good at it, and it pays well. Very well.
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    Psychopath Empty Re: Psychopath

    Post by Flashcat90210 Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:46 pm

    Character: Aoirei Odayakane
    Psychopath Psychopathmerchant
    Aoirei has messy, red hair, and green eyes. He wears a traditional green kimono, with a dark brown haori over it. On his feet, he is equipped with the standard prong-toed sandals that are common in his homeland.
    Personality/History: An inquisitive, somewhat cheeky, young merchant who comes to England with goods of his homeland, such as spices. Normally, he is always seen at the bustling marketplace with his uncle. While he seems quite loose and friendly at first, always with a sly goofy face, he is actually a crude sarcastic young man, especially to those he considers 'rich folk.' Turns out, his mother was exiled by her own family after having 'deep' relations with a westerner, thus resulting in his creation. (Hence his red hair and green eyes.) He holds deep hatred for nobles because, after his father had his way with his mother, Aoirei found out that he was actually a high ranked official, and retreated back to England to be with his actual wife and children. One final note, he tends to get trouble in the marketplace, amongst other vendors because of his and his uncle's nationality and undetermined faith. Despite that, he remains neutral in his views of the grand Church and the Psychopaths.
    Class: Peasant (He's a merchant from the East)
    Side: Neutral

    Just tell me if I should change his background here or there- I don't want to make him too 'this' or 'that' and I especially don't want to attack nationalities or anything like that > <

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