F*ck People


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    F*ck People Empty F*ck People

    Post by xLei on Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:59 am

    Yeah, this is a rant thread,

    Now seriously nothing pisses me off more than people who are fucking amateurs and think they're better than those who have been doing something for years.

    That happened to me today at COLLEGE of all places.

    First off, this man (who's like 30 and was in the army) thinks that his websites are the best. Well they aren't, they're extremely amateur in my honest opinion. Default text, default link colors, no layout whatsoever, it's like a child who's never touched HTML before, basically this:
    Warning: Eyes may bleed

    So this guy has the BALLS to tell me someone who's been doing HTML AND CSS for like 7 years that I add in a bunch of unnecessary coding to my site :/
    My site: College Project WIP

    When I tell him I heard him, he's like "And? It's my opinion".

    Well fuck you too then ass, at LEAST I don't make my sites look amateur like you does and steer people in the wrong direction. I code everything by myself. by HAND.

    Please note that the sucky HTML pic was done by me, but that's actually how he codes his sites.

    I think I want to commit mass murder.

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    F*ck People Empty Re: F*ck People

    Post by Zeny on Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:22 pm

    It's best to ignore military types.

    I live with one and learned that the hard way.

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