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    Tales of Symphonia lovers lookie~

    어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi)
    어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi)

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    Tales of Symphonia lovers lookie~ Empty Tales of Symphonia lovers lookie~

    Post by 어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi) Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:52 am

    Okay so Nanashi did this a long time ago ^^;;; I dint mention he does amvs huh? Well this and his deathnote ones are my faves(the others arent uploaded =P) Sooo his commerical/trailer for
    Tales of Symphonia Sylvarant Stories Part 1

    He has been trying to get around to Part 2 things just keep coming up ^^;; This was done in Sony Vegas.

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