Peppermint's Birthday....


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    Peppermint's Birthday.... Empty Peppermint's Birthday....

    Post by Tsumanne on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:12 am

    ... which is/was on the 22nd of April, depending on your time zone.

    So, while I'm on holidays on my laptop in the Seaworld Resort on the Gold Coast, I might as well post this up while I still can.

    Yesterday, me + family went to WB Movie World. Today we went to Dream World. Just a while ago we went into the Hatsuhana restaurant and ate sushi. After that, I had green tea icecream with sweet red beans for dessert. THEN we got back to the room, I found out how to get internet onto the laptop, and here I am now.

    And tomorrow, we're going to Sea World. PeppermintCereal's having a good 13th birthday. xD (Actually the trip was for both me and P-C, since our birthdays are close together).

    So anyways, say a Happy Birthday to my sister Peppermint Cereal! (Mum says she's still 12 till we get home though xD) We'll be home on Monday the 26th.

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