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    UTAU NEWCOMER: Raina Mokatsu


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    UTAUloid or Project: Raina Mokatsu
    Blog/Website: ...None...OAO
    Status: Active, waiting for good USTs....o.o

    UTAU NEWCOMER: Raina Mokatsu Empty UTAU NEWCOMER: Raina Mokatsu

    Post by RainaMokatsu Mon May 10, 2010 1:10 pm

    Name: Raina Mokatsu
    Voicer: xXxLawlietsGirlxXx
    UTAU Project/Group: None, ATM
    WIP or Complete? Currently complete, a few things to work on, though.
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: Age:14 Debut Date: April 11
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Character Item: Daisy/Mango
    Relationships: Len Kagamine(Love Interest) Luna Ichine, Michiko Suzune, Yuuki Shiro, Len+Rin Kagamine, KAITO(Friends)

    Brief Physical Description: Orange, hip-length hair, braided into a side-braid that comes down her left shoulder. Blue eyes. Yellow and white headband with a daisy attached.
    Personality: Usually polite, quiet and timid, but also can be very fun and loud. Dependable, independent, but sometimes acts very childish.
    History/Backstory: Raina was created by her master for the fun of having an UTAUloid. When she first joined the ranks of UTAU, she was a little nervous and scared to meet the others, but soon got to know a few of them. When introduced to the Vocaloids, she instantly became friends with them through the connections she had with her UTAUloid friends.

    Voicebank Link: mediafire.com ?mhydltwm42n (ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FIX HER OTO, GO FOR IT. I failed at trying to fix it after Michi did it for me...You did a great job though, Michi-sama! o3o)

    Wikia Entry Link: None yet. ;-;

    Voice Samples

    Character Art Not the official, but it's the best I got! xD

    UTAU NEWCOMER: Raina Mokatsu RainaMokatsuVocaloidOC2

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    UTAUloid or Project: Yuugi Hakune/Nubia
    Blog/Website: http://utauonline.com/yuugi/
    Status: Yuugi: Act 2 Released/Nubia: CV/VC Recorded

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    Post by smeen Mon May 10, 2010 1:23 pm

    I like her design!

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    Post by Guest Mon May 10, 2010 6:45 pm

    Well. LET ME GET MY ARMY THEN. jkjkjkjkjkjkjk.

    I already told you I love Raina, amirite? 8D

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    UTAUloid or Project: Satoko Chowane( Also KEIICHI,Puchi Ijimekko)
    Blog/Website: www.satoko-chowane.piczo.com
    Status: Act2 of Satoko is up for download C: KEIICHI and Puchi are being worked on

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    Post by SatokoChowane Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:39 pm


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