Acute: Amane Luna x Kirisame Kiren x Fuuga Koto


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    Acute: Amane Luna x Kirisame Kiren x Fuuga Koto

    Post by mintie on Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:41 am

    the forum is back, hooray! In other news...

    I made that today. Overseas and Native UTAU unite! But I was thinking more like, if Kirin was a dude, her idols would become her crushes? xD but Kiren would totally go for Luna LOL

    Well this was Kirin's BETA genderbend test. Sounds growly even though with g+10. Eh my voice in RL can get pretty manly, I probably should change it down some more o.o btw, how i came up with Kiren's name is pretty much similarities to Rin and Len's names. Kirin. So Kilen? That didn't sound what I wanted, so Kiren it is!

    Yeah I've pretty much noticed lack of overseas and native UTAU interaction. We don't have to be rivals! Lol So you can expect a lot of mixes of UTAUloids in whatever videos I'll be making :D

    Need to get started on my act1...

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