CRASH T.T Oto.frq problems....


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    CRASH T.T Oto.frq problems.... Empty CRASH T.T Oto.frq problems....

    Post by inutomboyo15 on Thu May 20, 2010 3:49 pm

    Ok so I go to utau and use my Voicebank...

    changing what i believe to be called OTO's or Frq. IDK i just know how to do it and what it does...
    well everytime i go to change them i click ok
    and everything freezes then program stops responding and i have to click out of UTAU
    it wont even let me change the prefix anymore...
    I did get a new version of utau could that be it?
    it does the same with all the other utaus that i have not created.

    My computer is and was in japanese when i first placed my voicebanks in the program.

    i never switch my computer out of japanese.

    I do not have viruses.

    And ug its soo annoying and aggravating


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