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    Saihate -English Rendition-


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    Saihate -English Rendition- Empty Saihate -English Rendition-

    Post by Hope Sun May 30, 2010 2:47 pm

    Ok so this is my version of Saihate. After re-reading the not-so-good translation of Saihate and re-writting this for almost a whole day... I finally got it done. I even sang it to test it's accuracy and it fitted the song well. It may just be me though Anyways here it is.
    *Note: It's not an exact translation but I still tried to relay the message of the song. Also I re-wrote this lyrics listening to the Ballad Version of this song.


    Mukou wa donna/tokoro nan darou ne?
    How is it over there there?/ Surely it must be a lovely place.

    Buji ni tsuitara/ tayori demo hoshii yo
    If you get there safely please/ don’t forget to send me a letter

    Tobira wo hiraite/ anata e to mukau anata e
    Finally the door’s opened/ you walked in and left me behind with memories

    Kono utagoe to inori ga / todokeba ii naa
    Hopefully you would hear this song and prayer / that I am singing for you

    Kumo hitotsunai you na/ nukeru hodo seiten no kyou wa
    Not a single cloud in the sky/ Surely a perfect day it is for others

    Kanashii kurai ni/ owakare biyori de
    But for me it just shows that it's/ a perfect day for parting.

    Arifureta jinsei wo/ akaku iro tsukeru you na
    Our gray and dull life was/ soon coloured in a perfect red

    Taoyaka na koi deshita/ taoyaka na koi deshita
    It was a very true love we had/ a very true love indeed


    Mata itsu no hi ni ka/ deaeru to shinjiraretara
    Maybe someday we can meet again/ hopefully in that beautiful place you are at now

    Kore kara no hibi mo/ kawarazu/ yari sugoseru ne
    And from this day onwards / I promise/ I will move on with a smile

    Tobira ga shimareba/ kono mama hanarebanare da
    Finally the door closes / I’m sure that we’ll get used to being apart

    Anata no kemuri wa / kumo to nari ame ni naru yo
    The fading image of you/ It will turn into the cloud that will cry

    Arifureta jinsei wo/ akaku iro tsukeru you na
    Our dull life was coloured/ Into a very deep crimson red

    Taoyaka na koi deshita/ taoyaka na koi deshita
    We had a love at the wrong time, had a perfect love at the wrong time


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