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    Post by smeen Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:11 pm

    Music to get in the mood

    "Do you ever feel alone?"

    The question hit him like a brick. "Do you feel alone since this all happened?" Kiro shook his head. "It's empty in the house sometimes, but I'll go to you or your family..." The smaller boy faked a smile. "You're not calling it home anymore..." Kiro fell silent. "Nadi...", he muttered. "It's okay.", Nadi replied, smiling genuinely this time. "I guess we're not much there anymore..." "No, we're not..." Kiro sighed, and carefully grabbed Nadi's hand. "It's fine...", he whispered. "I know.", Nadi whispered back. Kiro kissed him on the forehead. "I love you, Nadi." A giggle was his reply. "I love you too." They looked at each other. "You're not alone Kiro, I promise you'll never be alone..." And Kiro bit back his tears.

    "I'm glad you still come here...", Nadi mumbled. Kiro smiled at him. "Of course I do love, why should I stay away?" Nadi shrugged. "Because." "Not a good argument there dear." "Shut up.", Nadi huffed. Kiro laughed. "You still have your fighting spirit, haven't you Nadi?" Nadi grinned at him. "I don't go down so easily." Kiro smiled and laid his arms around his boyfriend. "I know..." Nadi grabbed Kiro's shirt and buried his face in Kiro's chest. "I'm scared Kiro." "It's okay, Nadi, everything will be okay..."

    Kiro laid down his flowers. He sat down, smiling. "Hey there Nadi...", he mumbled. "I hope you're okay... I'm feeling okay..." He swifted somewhat to the right. "I love you dear.", Kiro sighed. "But you were right." He looked up at what he was talking to. "I'm not alone." Kiro touched the necklace he was wearing. He was crying. "Thank you...", he whispered, before getting up again and walking away.

    Coming to the graveyard at this time wasn't really recommended.

    This is really special. I'm having a writer's block, and to get out of it I started to write with my first two OCs again. I haven't written about them in 6 years. SIX YEARS!

    I'm happy to have them back though.

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