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    MIDI/Sheet Website List Empty MIDI/Sheet Website List

    Post by Haloheroine on Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:52 pm

    Okay, right now it's a little unorganised, but I might fix that later.

    You can fix MIDIs so that they'll all work by getting a MIDI track editor (Such as SynthFont) and muting/deleting all the tracks except for the track that has the Tempo information (if it also has an instrument you don't want, mute it) and any tracks you need your UTAUloid to sing. Memorise the track numbers and then Save as a new MIDI file and import into UTAU. Choose the track you kept as the vocal track, and it should work.

    Short Vocaloid MIDIs, Mican-Donburi- in english
    Status: Updated frequently. Only problem- MOST MIDIS ARE SHORT SIZE AND DON'T COVER THE BRIDGE. D: I'd recommend using for reference only, although there are usually heaps of tracks and the vocal line is always separate from the rest. = u= If you're good at making USTs, it's pretty useful.

    Really useful, Sperion no sora
    Status of site: "This website will be closed in June 2010 due to my srcf webhosting account expiring. Currently looking for other free webhosting services."
    I assume they'll update with the new site link if/when they find one and open it. I love this site, though. Only Tegomass MIDI I could find is there. XD

    LINKS TO EVERY SITE I'VE LINKED TO, Josh's Anime Sheet Music
    Status: "Hello again! Hope you had a fun Valentine's day like I did :D

    First update of 2010, and it's a huge one-- scroll down and check out all the new sheet music from our awesome transcribers! (If you're a Railgun or Sora no Woto fan like me, you'll find something nice)"
    He's very organized, but his MIDIs (the ones that say Josh next to them) are only two track, not great for UTAU and (I assume) Vocaloid.

    Not many, but still. They're updating... Yin no Piano
    Status: "I would like to emphasize that I do not own the rights to any of the actual music and these are just transcriptions or popular songs that were played, and created by someone else. However, since these are just covers I doubt I’m stepping on anyones toes."
    Basically, they're still active XD

    Just found this site today, Animenz' Piano Sheets
    Status: "To the (few) readers, who are following my site:

    Apologize for not updating anything for nearly a month but the worst case scenario for every owner of a computer has recently occured to me: My harddrive crashed.

    Yes, without warning my 500GB HDD has made some funny scratching noise and suddenly – bam – everything was dark."
    Everything was lost, including their 350GB of anime. D: God no. I wanna hug them.
    Uh, again, only 1-2 tracks on the MIDIs I've downloaded, so I'd recommend sorting out the melody on the sheet music and making your own. Still useful, though c:

    Would be useful if I could figure out how to download, Jill-Jênn's Anime Game and Sheet Music
    Status: "4 new pieces, notably You Smiled Kindly from .hack//G.U.!"
    Yeah, I can't download the MIDIs. Another one to look at the sheets and make MIDIs from reference.

    Well, duh. The forums are an epic reference, but don't trust this link so much, Ichigos Sheet Music
    Status: No comment, they're kept alive by users, mostly c:

    More reliable, the Ichigos Sheet Music Forums
    Status: Kept alive by members, VERY useful if you're good at searching around, you need to join to download, though. Vocaloid sheet music pops up there occasionally.

    Just found it, Anime Scores Forum
    Status: Kinda unorganized, and I haven't found any MIDIs yet, but there might be some in the requests part of the forum.

    Not a lot, but maybe useful? Lelasong
    Status: "I’ve needed a good place for my anime music fetish. I’m not a soundtrack review-type guy, so this will be me talking about mostly transcribed OST pieces – yes, I transcribe most of the pieces posted, unless I indicate otherwise."
    c: Pretty nice, maybe there's something in the links, you never know.

    Has a few; not sure how many tracks, Parasoul
    Status: " Been sitting on this for a little while, not feeling up for "double-checking" when I finished writing out the notes the first run. Have a good Christmas/New Year's/Holiday!"
    That was from December, so they've been away for awhile. Still pretty good though... Looks like one track, again, so the Sheet music is probably a better choice.

    Key and Leaf Music, Leaf・Key楽譜置き場
    Status: Noooo Idea. Just found it then and my Japanese is limited. XD

    Only a couple of tracks on the MIDIs, Anime on Strings
    Status: "I am making PROGRESS!!! Its taking a lot longer than the usual days because Im now working on a particularly difficult song...

    Well apart from that Im playing alot of Street Fighter! Cya soon! Next update is a new sheet music"
    c: Pretty useful. Don't use it much because of the MIDIs being two tracks, but it does have quite a few songs.

    Pretty cool, ヤマケン(仮)
    Status: You download the Scores and unzip them. They may or may not have MIDIs inside them. c: I've been able to edit them to vocal tracks in UTAU before, so they should work.

    MIDIs from all around, Kit's Anime MIDIs
    Status: It has forums, not sure how often it's updated. c: Pretty useful!

    Technically kinda unrelated, but whatever:
    Motokoku Sanagi's VSQ/UST/Sheet Music List.

    (Firefox almost crashed when I was making this list, I almost lost it infact. Glad I didn't because it's rather long, now)
    If you know ANY that I haven't posted that you find useful, feel free to post!

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    MIDI/Sheet Website List Empty Re: MIDI/Sheet Website List

    Post by Catarsis on Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:19 pm

    I know 2 good websites for MIDI search.
    This one and this another one

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    Post by Felicia_Val on Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:34 pm

    the mican donburi site isn't working Sad

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    Post by xLei on Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:13 pm

    I like The Midi Shire for video game midis.

    Tales Cless is good for Tales of Phantasia related midis.

    ApolloMix for more Tales of related midis xD

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    MIDI/Sheet Website List Empty The most epic one

    Post by mintie on Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:09 am

    I already posted it once, but it got deleted for the new site :3

    Vocalochu: VSQ/UST/Sheet Music List

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