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    Post by zin on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:41 am

    Well if you knew or not I was on a trip to Hawaii :P well it's like a five hour plane ride so on the way back I got bored so I started to list ideas on my iPod Touch for my 120loid UTAU Line and here it is...

    120Productions' top seceret utau idea list

    1) start act 2 for クリス 【Kurisu】
     A) English and Spanish 
     B) Triphones
    2) start gender-bend 
      A) release with Kurisu's act 2
      B) first song Rolling Girl

    Append ideas
    1) sleepy/light
    2) heavy
    3) robotic

    Release ideas 
    Full - triphones, English, spanish, diphones, Appends  and genderbend (separate folder for genderbend and appends)

    Standalone/light packs
    CV, English, and Spanish 
    Genderbend Name 
    Devon Koorine (english)
    Debon Koorine (Romaji)
    デボン 氷音 (Japanese)
    with some of these ideas i need some assistance =P
    like oto programers and design help for the gender bend

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