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    「独房ステラシアタ」[Trem] +YT vid


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    「独房ステラシアタ」[Trem] +YT vid Empty 「独房ステラシアタ」[Trem] +YT vid

    Post by Trempush Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:39 pm

    So this song is a bit old (released december 7th on NND), but I hadn't heard about it until recently (a few days ago), because someone's been posting this song sung with a bunch of different UTAU's on youtube and Nico.

    And it wouldn't. leave. my HEAD.

    So I figured I'd follow the UST link, pay the original video a visit and pick up the karaoke Mp3 from the description link, and slap Trem in there to see what happened.

    And this is what happened:

    this UST changed her...everything! I wouldn't believe it's Trem listening to it! Maybe it's the fact that she's singing higher than usual...

    Whatever it was, all I did was export and paste. And put Gverb on her, after wrestling with the controls to make it sound subtle instead of "BWOAWAWAWA", like the default settings in audacity like to do. x[

    So! What do you guys think? Creepy? Cute? Weird?

    I'm still trying to decide, lol, but I thought I'd share. It took like...half an hour at most to put this together...

    The magic of UST's, lol.

    EDIT: Video!

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