Alice Human Sacrifice art needed =3


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    Alice Human Sacrifice art needed =3 Empty Alice Human Sacrifice art needed =3

    Post by zin on Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:22 pm

    im making a alice video for the release of my utau

    i'm not so good at art, infact for my Kurisu Koorine box art i traced a Ted Kasane pic, with the artist permission of course..

    here is a list of the UTAUs that are going to be in it =3

    Alice1(Alice of Spades) [meiko]: Aika Heion
    Alice2(Alice of Dimonds)[kaito]: Kurisu Koorine
    Alice3(Alice of Clubs) [miku]: Hachi Makune
    Alice4(alice of hearts) [len]: Yoshiya Barauta
    Alice4(alice of hearts) [rin]: Yume Barauta

    you will be reconized for your work if you decide to do the art work =3, just leave a link to your diviant art account or youtube channel and i will credit you for the art work =3

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