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    kudoku no hate WIP, maybe


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    kudoku no hate WIP, maybe Empty kudoku no hate WIP, maybe

    Post by irei1as Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:39 pm

    A WIP in progress... but to do an UST by ear is very hard, agh.

    So this is going to be my 1st UST to copy a real song from scratch.

    I though to start by the timing and then going to check the pitch comparing with the original song note by note... But to even time correctly the song is quite hard to me!

    But it could be just me being too perfectionist (sometimes the time change is so small I have the impression of doing nothing). So I want your opinion...
    Is this song test (note the pitch and effects like vibrato are still not set also, "random"-not really- romaji voicebank as this PC fails Japanese hard):


    more or less timed correctly?

    This is the original:

    If it's very wrong... any hint how I could fix it? I really feel a noob, I doubt I have enough music knowledge for this.

    Agh, to do UST by ear is really hard.
    I have a better respect (I mean, a bit bigger from the lot of respect it was at the the start) for the producers that gives their UST.
    Remember to credit them always.

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