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    "For the people wanting their utauloid to sound..."

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    "For the people wanting their utauloid to sound..." Empty "For the people wanting their utauloid to sound..."

    Post by Psycho↑ ↓ Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:15 pm

    (Taken from KanashiiNoNeko's dA's journal entry)
    (I will remove this if anybody asks)

    "Childish =D
    (ran out of space in the title)


    So. I don't know if it works with male voices, but it does work with female ones.
    So I meant, without pitch manipulating/flags in any way.

    -Sound clear. kids got cute and clear voices. but don't put too much accent on that "cute" or you'll sound... agh test it out for yourself x.x

    -Don't make the samples too long. It kills the voice files. Srsly.

    -Do make a good oto.ini. Or even ask somebody to make it for you, but make one. And don't make it with SetParam. Well you can, but you should edit them again in UTAU. Because you can't do very precise OTO.ini with SetParam. And follow the usual OTO.ining rules =D

    -Always listen to the sample before moving on. Because you can't always trust what it "sounded like when you recorded it". click "play" in audacity OR "5" in Oremo. I suggest you to use some program like audacity, where you can listen to a part of the note, edit it (i always amplify them a bit) and stuff, THEN look at them again in OREMO (with the right reclist, of course) to look at their FO-thingy (as Mae said, try to make them as close as a straight line as possible)

    -Back to 1st point. Do sound clear but not too strong. Make it smooth so it has all the kid's innocence in your voice!

    -Don't try to make your voice go "as high as possible" because it won't help with "childness". Compare Hatsune Miku with Kaai Yuki. You'll understand.

    -Most important. Breathiness. Make them pretty breathy, but not too much. It might be a problem with the "b", "p", "t", etc. sounds, but putting a plastic bag or something else of the kind on your mic should help.

    -You don't need "perfect" pronounciation, as kids...usually can't pronounce every sound perfectly. But don't do them too wrong, neither.

    -If you need any "real kid voice reference", you have Churi Jakune, and compare how "breathiness" and "pitch has nothing to do", you have Hina Kaizoku act2 & soft append (comes together)

    -...um... i got distracted by skype and forgot what goes here. I'll edit it later =D"

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    "For the people wanting their utauloid to sound..." Empty Re: "For the people wanting their utauloid to sound..."

    Post by fukokun Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:04 am

    Thanks so much!! :D This will really help me with Fuko Zonbi!

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