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    Sabii Koorine Design Contest [CLOSED]


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    Sabii Koorine Design Contest [CLOSED] - Page 2 Empty Re: Sabii Koorine Design Contest [CLOSED]

    Post by zin Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:46 am

    Yume Barauta wrote:Here ya go ((I added the socks. And removed the shorts. I hope that's okay. ;u; ))


    Sabii Koorine Design Contest [CLOSED] - Page 2 Sabii

    It was good coloring practice to do a dark-skinned character.
    Hope you like it~! ((Forgive the LOLMIKUPOSE. I couldn't think of anything else. xD))

    Yume i hope you get this you have seemed to disabled pm...

    i changed my Sabii's Model Number from 121-U to 120-2, can you please edit the design, don't forget to add the "zin" as well

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