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    [UTAU NEW COMER] Styk Lukey Empty [UTAU NEW COMER] Styk Lukey

    Post by TonyYonneFan on Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:35 pm

    Hey guys. I had a fan made vocaloid and i decided to make an utau version of him. It would be easy and fun. :D

    Story: He is a stick figure. He was once a very popular vocaloid, but he accepted a singing challenge from a stranger. and if he lost his voice would be turned into a stick figure and everyone would forget about him and he would be an utauloid. He lost the contest, the stranger had cheated. That stranger was, Gumi Megpoid. The only one who remembers Styk Lukey was his best friend, SONiKA.

    Name: Stk Lukey
    Age: 12
    Age: Male
    Likes: Nice days
    Dislikes: Gumi Megpoid
    Art: [UTAU NEW COMER] Styk Lukey Styklukeypic
    Signature song: I'll quit singing
    Samples: to be added
    Download: to be added

    Canceled along with all my other utaus.

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