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    Having Import Troubles? Change your Default Voice!


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    Having Import Troubles? Change your Default Voice! Empty Having Import Troubles? Change your Default Voice!

    Post by hello8bit Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:35 pm

    Alright, so I've been browsing the forums and have noticed quite a few people who have had the same issue that I first had concerning the Import of VSQs into UTAU.

    When you try to import a VSQ(and sometimes MIDI), do you get "Bad file name or Number" or "File not Found"? Well, let's fix that for you!

    The quick fix to this is changing your default voice. For some reason, Defoko likes to mess with your Import capabilities. So unfortunately, we are going to have to say goodbye to default Defoko. To do this, follow these steps:

    Method One:
    Open UTAU and go to Project > Project Properties. [(P) > (R) if in Japanese] The project settings window will appear, and as you normally would, select your UTAU from the dropdown box.
    Now, look up in the top left corner of the Project Settings window. Click where it says Voices(G)and click "Set as Default". Then, click okay so that the Project Settings window closes. Now re-start UTAU, and try importing! If done correctly, your selected UTAU should be your default, and imports should work just fine~

    Having Import Troubles? Change your Default Voice! Defaul11
    Image Reference for visual Help :^)

    If for some reason you have done the above and it still does not work, you can try this alternate way (which is a little more complicated, but not by much.)

    Method Two:
    Go to Tools > Options. [(T) > (O) if in Japanese]
    Click the fourth tab from the left marked バス. At the bottom, you'll see a small check box which says beside it "Change root voice dir". Check the box and change your directory folder to either the desired Default UTAU, or in my case the "voice" folder itself. Then, restart UTAU. Before learning method one, this is how I fixed my VSQ problems.

    Having Import Troubles? Change your Default Voice! Method12
    Image Reference for visual Help :^)

    Good luck, and please let me know if you see results! non/ ~hello8bit

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