How to import a midi into wavetone?


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    How to import a midi into wavetone? Empty How to import a midi into wavetone?

    Post by irei1as on Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:41 am

    I've playing around for a while with the freeware called wavetone since I read this post (link to the website of the program there)... but I can't find anywhere the option to import a midi into a project.
    I know how to create and export but I really want to be able to import a midi inside so I can edit the midi with different programs.
    If you know how to do it or if you can read Japanese and find it in some tutorial of the website or in the texts of the menu of the program, can you help me with some guide and maybe a pair of screenshots, please? Thanks in advance.
    (I wish wavetone were in, at least, English.)

    Here is some kind of tutorial that maybe can help you help me. But for what I've seen it says nothing of what I look for:

    (Oh, I know I can open and edit a wav and a midi at the same place with programs like FStudio 9 but I don't want to use payware if I can avoid it.)

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