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    I'm making two new UTAUs;


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    I'm making two new UTAUs; Empty I'm making two new UTAUs;

    Post by animeroarr Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:43 am

    So yeah i'm making two new UTAUs well i'm planning another one too but these are the two i've started.

    This first one was intended to be a boy. I wanted quite a high pitch but not too shota-ish xD And because i'm a boy i thought it would sound like a boy.
    Well the samples sound like a boy but when you put them into UTAU.. BAM WOMAN LOL. Srsly, i was so suprised xD One or two sounds sound a little bit different from the rest of the voicebank but considering i've not even finished half, they can be fixed.
    Sorry if the oto.ini is off, i used a japanese website that gives you tips on recording and configuring your UTAU so at times i had to guess.. OTL
    Anyway here is a short preview of her/it- mediafire.com download.php?f8libf9ht8x3k5s

    The second one is a UTAU that only has 4 samples so far LOL
    I recorded it quickly when my mum went out for a few minutes.
    How i record now is that i do short samples (a similar length to Utaune Nami's act 3 samples) and i record 4-6 at one time and use export selection on audacity which saves me a lot of time. So i recorded a,e,i,o,u and n but i didn't like the e or the o so i didn't save them but then my momma came back so i haven't had chance to re-do them yet.
    But i decided to make a preview quickly 'cause i wanted to xD
    I recorded this UTAU in the same pitch as the other one but they are very different voicebanks. The first UTAU is a strong-ish, mature, womanly one and this is a cute, breathy, shota-ish one xD This breathy one can genderbend easily so i'm considering twins/brother and sister or something xD
    Here's a sample of him(?)-
    mediafire.com download.php?5sblmysvcfvojai
    I used fresamp in this one just to see how it sounded so sorry if it sounds a bit weird orz

    Both the voicebanks were recorded at A#3, so they are just under C4. Soru was recorded at G#3 and that was half like half a year ago when i was 14. I'm now 15, i'm a boy and i'm recording UTAUs that sound like girls OTL. But for some reason their ranges aren't so great orz. I swear Soru can easily hit higher and lower notes than them LOL But they are better quality banks than Soru
    OH well xD

    The Mrs Pumpkin ust was made by myst and the Torinoko city ust was made by UtauReni
    Sorry for this ridiculously long and boring post xD
    I'd like to hear your opinions on both of the voicebanks~ cx

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