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    triphonics what is the difference?


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    triphonics what is the difference? Empty triphonics what is the difference?

    Post by janorre Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:39 pm

    I never knew I have an account here XD!!! No wonder when I regestered it said that my username was already taken hahahaha!!!! anyways....

    can you help me out? is there a difference between recording the voices longer and recording it shorter? Some of my voice sample are short cuz my voice would weaken at the last hiragana sound. I have a problem with the ust because no matter how I adjust the oto.ini it would still sound the same. I even followed other triphonic vb's oto file on where to put it and it would still sound the same or is it just the ust? My WIP Demo update will be coming soon. I've already recorded 106 voice file thanks to the romaji ritsu and the ritsurenzoku list, I can record any hiragana I want rather than following the sequence in the oto.ini.

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