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    no sound in UTAU


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    no sound in UTAU Empty no sound in UTAU

    Post by Rhythm Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:01 am

    So I wanted to make an act2 for rhythm so I was buzzy with her oto.ini
    but when I wanted to hear it there was no sound T.T
    and I don't know why. I can still hear it when I click on the sounds in voicebank setting
    but there is no sounds when I insert a sound in utau and click play T.T
    I tried to use other voicebanks and they also make no sound

    my volume is on
    I checked project properties and everything is fine
    Other ust's won't play either
    there is nothing wrong with my resampler or my fresamp
    I have used utau for month's everything was just fine until yesterday and I don't know the problem
    so can someone help me plz ?

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