Ookay..so what do you guys think so far? ><;;


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    Ookay..so what do you guys think so far? ><;; Empty Ookay..so what do you guys think so far? ><;;

    Post by Aimon on Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:41 pm

    Okay...I need some opinions on how Aimon's voice bank is going so far since I have no confidence in doing this at all! D8 Months of searching tutorials only got me this far and I hope one day Aimon can be part of UTAU wiki but meh..><;; I've gabbled enough...
    Download link.

    mediafire.com ?mbmqqwbextx

    I'm redoing my voice bank for my UTAU since the last one hiragana sounds kept sliding off note and this time i stuck to C3... |D
    It's not finished and I'm still a phail at doing oto.ini's so help greatly appreciated to anyone who can help fix some of my oto's or be my sensei in this..><;;*shot*
    I'll be eternally grateful~ XD *shotdownagainbyanunknownforce*

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