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    A couple of questions/problems


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    A couple of questions/problems Empty A couple of questions/problems

    Post by novagirl Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:55 pm

    1. Voice Banks - I'm having trouble making one cause I'm unsure how some of the pronunciations of some of the samples one need as a voice bank in Japanese cause I sadly don't speck Japanese so I don't know how to pronounce some them right. Also can one use another voice as a base, like change the pitch or something to make a new character?

    2. USTs - I want to make one for the Japanese Theme song for Transformers Animated. But my problem is I can't find any midis for it. -_- I have the karaoke and the lyrics for it plus I don't know or how to make midis right anyways.

    Here is the karaoke version:

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    A couple of questions/problems Empty Re: A couple of questions/problems

    Post by Haloheroine Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:19 pm

    Also can one use another voice as a base, like change the pitch or something to make a new character?

    ...Not really. Well, not redistributing, and not claiming as your own.
    Ted is Teto pitched down IN PROGRAM, but he's kind of "official" and recognized by Teto's creator, now...

    If you pitched, say, Mako up, changed her design completely and then renamed her with no relations to the original character herself, you might get into trouble.

    Also, that would sound HORRENDOUS.

    Use your own voice, please. And use another UTAUloid (Ritsu is one of the better ones, pronunciation wise) to check pronunciation.

    Some basic notes:
    - Japanese r is more of an l. The 'lazy' way (which is like a mix of l, d and w... almost like a rolled r, it's weird) is my favorite, but l is easier.
    - Every vowel is the same all the way down the list, no matter which consonant it's appended to.
    eg, sa has the same 'a' sound as ta, da, ga and ra, and me has the same 'e' as he, re, ne and she.

    You can get a romaji (not kana) CV reclist (a recording list for OREMO, but you can just read off it in notepad, too) with every sound you'll ever need for CVs in this thread: https://overseasutau.forumotion.net/software-and-plugins-f14/recording-list-download-thread-t527.htm
    You'll need to change the "mwu" to "mwe" and add "dzu" to the list.

    That is, if you don't already have one XD

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