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    BLYTHE Anaka - koe - VCV


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    BLYTHE Anaka - koe - VCV Empty BLYTHE Anaka - koe - VCV

    Post by suthethird Sun May 09, 2010 6:22 am


    It took me forever to get the pitchbends like that.
    Copying pitchbends is just time consuming.

    Anyway... I'd love to make a full VCV version of this, either using WHITE or Anaka. (I'd prefer using Anaka because, well, she's mine and I want her to have nice songs .-. ), but unless someone will help me make a simple PV for this, I don't really want to bother.

    Well, the English lyrics are here:

    I'd rather have someone handle the actual line art and video rendering... I can color and use UTAU, but that's about it.
    (All I have for videos is Windows Movie Maker. I dislike that program.)

    I will be making the song c: All I really have to do is copy the pitchbends and mess with the overlap and such. And render it, of course.

    If someone really wants me to and is ready to be REALLYREALLY encouraging, I can try drawing the pictures if they can compile them together in a decent little video c:

    Or I can give up on this song 8D Either is fine.


    BTW- It's 5:22 AM. Seriously.
    Anyone going to unban annamaeblythe? I don't like using the name Su >3>

    BTW- Whoever makes the video posts it. I won't post it on my channel unless I make the final video. Mostly just because of my internet problems.

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