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    Post by Zeny on Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:14 am

    Ok guys! Let's see who can get the MOST AMAZING RESULTS from this.

    Find an UTAU/Vocaloid fanfic (or make one), put it in Google translate to Japanese, then back into English.


    TEAL] I held back the urge to say! My hair is in TEAL! I wave my arms while raising a bit lip. Miki waved her arms to go back and grabbed Lily's happiness was frowning. "Now Miki, you need to see me for singing Night Fever, as yet."


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    Post by Aline on Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:32 am

    From a Twilight/Vocaloid crossover fic:

    Why? That why is not [aretsukusu]? My sibling! As for the flash of my heart two images of that my twins were shown: With 1st, our 9th birthday, happiness, you laugh, smile; Being painted with the scar, and the blood of 2nd, confusion. I trembled exactly with thought. " … " of Bella; Alice whispered hesistant. Because I to be best me was possible, you nodded well. " Was the fact that you speak Japanese somewhere learned? And so fluently? " The [me] where for the second time, I am less crowded the shoulder it is. " I don' As for t " You remember that it learns; I say, cancel window and " which are seen; As for me I' It presumes; ve exactly…Always known." " You know to those which that translates with that? " Rather than those directly the time being before, the dark that eye barely you asked the jasper. I nodded. " At one time small dream and " It was; As for me, my " Returning, overflow you remember recite; The excessively small dream everyone, by you did not inform you looked at dream, that with someone. As for this small dream ' You make think; I don' This way t we would like to disappear. I how to the dream of the people may do me? ' Thought and thought of small dream, and finally, conceived thought. ' As for me my world.' which makes the people me come; It makes; " Everyone of the table at first glance shared bafore which looks at my direction. Edward' The s hand tightened hard around my ones. " How doing, Bella it probably will love this, you have known well? " He asks, puts that other hand on my shoulder. It drooped my head, I felt that the lump is brought up with my throat. " As for my that me…Past… " With you must do; I the being broken eye of my voice of last word, felt the surface which comes to me once more.

    Translated in Babelfish and kept the errors for maximum lulz.

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