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    Voice Quality Critique?

    Sakiko Hanane
    Sakiko Hanane

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    Voice Quality Critique? Empty Voice Quality Critique?

    Post by Sakiko Hanane Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:26 pm

    Can I have some? <:3c

    I got my computer put in my room finally, rather than out in the main house area. So I'm planning on recording Sakiko's Act3, but I'm really nervous about how it'll turn out. My mic apparently isn't all that great, I can't sing very well, and I tend to have difficulty hearing problems with my own songs/samples/etcetera.

    So what I'm asking here is, what should I improve? What did I do badly in Act2 that can be improved upon? Whatever help you guys can provide, I'd really really appreciate it.

    Sample of Sakiko's voice:

    (Also, I'm completely aware now that I accidentally recorded English R-sounds. x_x Ooops. Gonna do Japanese Rs this time |D;; )

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    Voice Quality Critique? Empty Re: Voice Quality Critique?

    Post by Kolya-kun Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:43 pm

    i actually really really like her voice.

    the only thing i notice is that she needs her OTO worked on...

    and those R's, but you said you're gonna do that :>

    she's rather clear, even with the mic fluff (no idea what to call that muffled stuff)... which i think is actually kind of charming, makes her stand out ^___^

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