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    Kesenai Tsumi -Trem-

    Trainer Conchita
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    Kesenai Tsumi -Trem- Empty Kesenai Tsumi -Trem-

    Post by Trainer Conchita Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:33 pm

    Heck yes. :V You know you want it.

    I used scarfu's "Kesenai Tsumi" UST, and OTO'd Trem for romaji Japanese compatibility, and made her notes sound better. I still have work to do, but now you have Trem singing this. o3o

    Originally, I was going to have Waizu sing this, because I love Fullmetal Alchemist to pieces. XD But then I saw Trem in my UTAUloid list and I was like, "...Aw, why not? o3o" I improvised a bit ("shi" instead of "hi" somewhere, because Trem didn't have it), but I'll put the OTO up for download with the next cover I do with her.

    ...That'll be some trouble choosing though. o3o I was totally picturing Magnet with one of the d00d UTAUloids I have, but one picture clicks in my mind more. You'll see when I upload it. Or when I start asking for art once I modify the VSQ I have. =3= Whichever comes first.

    So yeah. o3o You have Trem singing in Japanese, and a promise for another song in the future.

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