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    Software Board of Experts Empty Software Board of Experts

    Post by mystsaphyr Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:15 am

    The overseas UTAU community has some very experienced users who are always willing to help with some questions about the software. Just check the list below~


    UTAU, OREMO, SetParam, VCV/triphones
    Currently taking questions!
    Means of contact: Through PM here, twitter , youtube , or deviantART

    UTAU, MMD, UST-making, Audacity, GarageBand and other Mac software
    Currently taking questions!
    You can contact me through:
    MSN: myst_sapphire12@yahoo.com
    YIM: myst_sapphire12
    AIM: mystsaphyr
    Skype: myst-saphyr
    deviantART: myst-saphyr
    Youtube: UTAUxyz

    oto.ini, VCV/triphones
    Currently taking questions!
    Contact me by:
    MSN: maybe_mae@hotmail.com
    Email: maybe_mae@yahoo.com

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