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    Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post by mystsaphyr Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:20 am

    Forum and Chatbox Rules

    Disobeying any of the below rules can get you a verbal warning. Repeated offenses will get you banned from the forum and/or chatbox.


    1. Respect your fellow members. Bashing, flaming, cyberbullying, hate threads, and overall being insulting to others are NOT allowed on the forum.

    2. Be literate. Please refrain from using excessive smilies and/or chatspeak. This board is primarily in English, but of course considering the huge overseas fanbase, posts in other languages are fine. However, if found to be against the other rules in any way, posts will be removed and you will receive a warning or a ban.

    3. No pr0nz. You may link to yaoi/yuri or lemon/lime/generally NSFW fanfic/images, but these MUST be offsite and appropriate ratings and warnings MUST be included in your post. Cybering in roleplay is STRICTLY not allowed.

    4. Do not post or link to hate sites or imagery. Speaks for itself. Any form of racial, sexual orientation, gender, or other forms of discrimination will be dealt with HARSHLY.

    5. Follow the UTAU terms and conditions. These have been translated and posted on the UTAU Wikia .

    6. Give credit where credit is due. ABSOLUTELY NO art theft, and ALWAYS give credit for art, USTs/VSQs/MIDIs, and so on.

    7. Follow board-specific rules. The roleplay board has its own specific set of RP rules. Be sure to check those before posting there.


    If you believe that you or someone else is being victimized by a member, or if you find any suspicious activity, don't be afraid to contact an admin or moderator~

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