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    How to Make a Successful UTAUloid


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    How to Make a Successful UTAUloid Empty How to Make a Successful UTAUloid

    Post by Legendmaker12 Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:52 pm

    Okay, so if you don't know me, I am the oldest (not age-wise... I'm 15. |D) member of the UTAU community. I've seen a bunch of UTAUloids that are popular and others that haven't gotten more than 5 views on Youtube. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. :3

    Also, please don't think that if you follow this, you're GUARANTEED to get popular, this just majorly raises your chances.




    Are you ready to make a design and a personality for your UTAUloid!?


    If you wanna make a SUCCESSFUL UTAUloid, don't make any designs or personalities until AFTER you get the voice. It won't work, trust me.

    Okay, picking a voice is the MOST CRUCIAL step of making an UTAUloid. The voice you need to pick should to be unique, and new. Though, not all of us have access to unique voice sources, so if you can't get one, what can you do. :/

    You can ask other people for their voices. Yes, it can be done. :V

    It's not good to make a design and personality, and then get a voice second. It just isn't. :/




    You need to make sure whatever voice you have sounds nice in UTAU, and they have a decent range. Voice quality usually makes up for a bunch of flaws in a design (I'm not saying make a OMG YEY TECHNICOLORS design, it'll burn our eyes).

    As soon as you're done with making and oto-ing (YES OTO.INIS = IMPORTANT D|), you can start making a design. Now, if you know that you're not the best designer, you can always ask people to do the designer for you. You need to make sure the design 100% fits the voice, or it'll just look... WEIRD. DX<

    Don't try to make your UTAUloid look a lot like the Vocaloids or other UTAUloids, or it'll completely destroy any chances of your UTAUloid becoming known. Try to give the UTAUloid your own original design, and give them a crazy awesome hairstyle. Teto's known for her drills, Miku for her twintails. Making up completely new hairstyles in welcomed. :>

    If you think the design and voice go good together, then show your friends! Make sure to ask them for their honest opinions. :3




    This is where your creation goes all around the world. 83

    First of all, learn how to put your UTAUloid into a .zip file. You can use 7-Zip, it's what I use. It's helpful for zipping and extracting files, yay~

    Then after, get a 4shared account, and upload your UTAUloid onto the site.

    As soon as you're done with all that stuff, you gotta go to the UTAU Wiki, and make your UTAUloid a page. This is where you can either choose to leave them with either no personality and let fans decide, or make it all yourself.

    After the UTAU Wiki page, make a Youtube account, and start uploading videos of your UTAUloid singing AS MANY FREAKING SONGS AS POSSIBLE. You also should try to make friends with other users, since they'll help you sometimes, and it's always nice to have friends with the same interest as you, right? :>

    This is usually as far as most UTAUloid makers go. But here, I'll give you further instructions. X3

    You should expand your audience to overseas (By that, I mean specifically Japan. |D;Wink. To do that, you need to upload to a Japanese hosting site. Most Nico-chu (Names for the Japanese who use NND a lot~) aren't sure about how to use American sites.

    I use axfc.net, it's really understandable and easy. >w<
    And you don't need an account. *w* /shameless advertisement
    I've also been told that 4shared has a Japanese version. So maybe try that, too? :V

    Then, you need to sign up for Nico Nico Douga (www.nicovideo.jp). You can find a tutorial on how to do that here.

    Then, you upload your videos to Nico Douga, and put your Japanese link to download your UTAUloid in the description (A bit of Japanese in the desc to make it seem like you know what you're doing would be good too~).

    Next, make a Twitter. It's where a bunch of UTAUloid makers come together and talk. Even a bunch of the Japanese ones are there. :>

    You can also download and install different IM programs, Skype and Yahoo are the most populated with UTAU users.

    Finally, upload a few pictures and illustrations of your UTAUloid to Pixiv(www.pixiv.net). It'll spread the knowledge of your UTAUloid across the interwebs. *w*

    That's all I can say. If this fails, then in the end you at least are part of an extremely interesting community that'll use your UTAUloid from time to time.

    /first tutorial i ebur made yay |3

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    How to Make a Successful UTAUloid Empty Re: How to Make a Successful UTAUloid

    Post by Legendmaker12 Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:53 pm

    I might add some stuff later, and I started to get a bit lazy near the end, so I'll clean this up later~

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    How to Make a Successful UTAUloid Empty Re: How to Make a Successful UTAUloid

    Post by KanashiiNoNeko Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:21 pm

    Everybody here is going to love you o3o
    But I think the best uploader is like, Mediafire, as it has not that VERY long waiting time before you can download stuff

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    How to Make a Successful UTAUloid Empty Re: How to Make a Successful UTAUloid

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