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    Constructive critique plis. :D;


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    Constructive critique plis. :D; Empty Constructive critique plis. :D;

    Post by LadySoda Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:30 pm

    Sooo I basically re-did Ongaku's (Last name. I've almost given up on a first name for her. All my ideas have been jacked. D=) and I need an opinion on my constonants and individual vowels. :3 So I gladly did a cover of Chaosmaid, the piano version made by UtauReni. Because piano covers rawk. I'll apologize if it's so the wrong area to put this post in. ._.; Just tell me if it is and I'll gladly move it~ Leekspin

    (Now don't judge me because of the odd sources of file storage I use. Maybe I'm just not ready for YT yet. >>')

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